Holiday Refinishing Special

We are currently offering 10% Discount on all hardwood floor refinishing projects before the New Year. We can do repairs if necessary. Whether it is an old furnace opening or a doorway that was moved during a remodel or damage from pets, furniture or water damage. We can match your existing floors with wood of the same size and dimension so that the repair looks like the original wood floors. When installing new floors we recommend purchasing an additional box or two of wood for possible repairs in the future. Manufacturers often will discontinue a product or change the stain colors that will make matching the floor difficult in the future. If the original flooring is not available, we can often times match the dimension and size of flooring, even if we need to custom mill the boards and custom match the stain. We carry all domestic species of wood such as Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Birch, Pine, Walnut and Cherry in all sizes and dimensions. We also have a large selection of exotic hardwood floors such as Brazilian Cherry, Purple Heart, Teak, Bamboo, Cypress and much more.

Water Damage floors from a Jacuzzi caused damaged to these floors that we repaired. After removing the damaged hardwood floors we glued down and laced in matching wood so that the repair looks seamless and unnoticeable after the project. This Jacuzzi was placed on top of the existing floors so we cut out around the Jacuzzi so that it did not need to be removed to do the repair. The entire floor is sanded and refinished to match the existing finish color and sheen. We then added additional coats of high traffic polyurethane finish to give added protection to the high traffic wet room.

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