Refreshing Wood floors for the Holidays

The Holidays are here and families are ready to spruce up their homes and decorate for the holidays. A tired worn wood floor is one of the items that many of our clients want to remidy before the holidays. We start getting the calls in October and November to reserve a date to either refinish, repair or refurbish the old floors or finish. If the floor and finish is in a condition to resurface we can come in and in one day put a new coat of polyurethane finish on the floors and give the floors a fresh new look. If the floors are already showing areas where the finish has worn off or if there are high traffic areas that have scratches and gouges then it is advisable to sand and refinish. This week we did both full sand and refinish on older floors along with resurfacing floors that had not been refinished in over 15 years but had been well taken care of and not missing finish so we were able to resurface those floors in one day and make them look like new and have many more years ahead of them. Species that we see most often are Red Oak and White Oak along with Pine and Birch here in the South West. White Oak is the hardest species among these three but even though Pine is considered a soft wood. We are still refinishing 100+ year old pine and birch floors and they restore beautifully. The challenge with the older pine and birch is usually in matching repairs with available stock in the same dimension and color. Often times we have to mill boards to fit and custom color match to blend the new with the old or match to a species such as Beech wood that is no longer available. However with some custom color matching we can restore them and in the process preserve the older floors.